Digital Lead Generation

We promote your links on our network of high traffic sites on content related to your business where you get direct customer leads.

We Know What Works

Designing and maintaining a great website is the initial phase of any online presence. Digital lead generation makes your online presence work for you by bringing in customers through the door.

We target and engage potential customers across platforms that are relevant to your business.

Many businesses pay just to randomly have backlinks on some remote websites or pages. These may be good for search, but they rarely result in direct leads. 

Every blog post, ad display, tweet, web page is enhanced to convert web visitors into customers. We help streamline every element on the web to help achieve your immediate, short and long-term goals. Sales, revenue growth, market share and brand awareness for your business are what we focus on to get our customers outperform their competitors.

Our approach is simple. We do the hardwork now so your business can meet its longterm goals. No shortcuts at Serpana.
Our digital innovative approach offers a great return for your investment on a short and long-term basis.

Ad Impression Displays

With millions of users in North America that visit our network of sites monthly like Fonolive (, Voticle (, Lingomash ( and more, you know more eyeballs on your business can only mean one thing, More Customers.

We begin creating and putting up Ads on our network of sites for your business when you sign up for one of our plans. You only get this on Serpana.

Network Content Sharing

We create original and in-depth articles for your business. These get promoted on our owned and established network of high traffic sites like Fonolive (, Voticle (, Lingomash ( and more. We create and put your branded content where it actually brings qualified leads for your business.

Are you still paying to have backlinks on irrelevant and dull content?

Are you still paying to have backlinks on irrelevant and dull content?

Branded Content

At Serpana we understand that great content is key to any online presence or campaign.

We make sure content created relates to your business and style. Our tearm will work with you to develop content that is creative and original to turn leads into customers.

Let's Work Together!

Find out how we can help increase traffic to your site and your bottom line.


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