Why Serpana?

Network Content Sharing

We own and operate high traffic platforms like Fonolive, Voticle, Lingomash and more on which we put your content for more exposure. That means you content will always make it to the top for everyone to see.

Display Ad Impressions

We offer you display Ad Impressions over our network of sites. If you are on Adwords, then you are already paying Google to put your ads on some of our sites. We create ads on our platforms just for your business and instantly boost brand awareness and sales prospects.

Lead Generating Links

We don’t just drop your site links on a remote website or webpage anywhere.

We create Lead Generation Links for your business. That means every link from your business on our network of sites is well crafted and promoted so it results in a click and of course a customer.

Integrated Digital & Offline Strategies

Our integrated online and offline advertising strategies make it easier to create brand awareness and generate sales where it actually matters. You can run your digital ads at the same time as your door-to-door campaigns. 

Our Extensive Experience & Proven Results

We have been in the business of helping local businesses gain more online presence for 8yrs now via our popular sites like Fonolive, Voticle, Lingomash and more. We have thrived where others have failed. So, we can confidently say we know the business of search, generating digital leads and that you will be in good hands.

Let's Work Together!

Find out how we can help increase traffic to your site and your bottom line.


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